In an emergency, speed is of the essence. Property loss stemming from a disaster can be an extremely traumatic experience for those affected. Recovery often depends on the quick and competent care of emergency mitigation professionals.

Providing fast, 24-hour service, the 212° Restoration team is professionally trained to resolve the situation both quickly and thoroughly. Our team of certified experts strives to make your recovery as stress-free as possible. 


Water Damage Cleanup and Remediation

With advanced drying as well as dehumidification techniques, we remove water and moisture from nearly all household objects, ranging from drywall, plaster, floors, insulation, to basements. Additionally, our team designates an organic room perimeter that we need to get “structurally dry” within 72 hours of the incident to prevent secondary damage such as mold growth. Thus, resulting in a reduced loss of structure along with the cost of a rebuild.

Fort Collins Water damage cleanup services from 212 Degrees Restoration Fort Collins and Laramie are guaranteed to get your life back to normal quickly and affordably. 




Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation

Our mission is to ensure maximum results by employing a combination of techniques which work to eliminate odor-causing pollutants caused by fire and smoke damage. Therefore through implementing the latest technology and equipment, we aim to restore your home to original condition. Consequently, our team of experts deploys an array of cleaning products proven to combat soot and smoke damage on almost all interior surfaces

Water Damage Cleanup and flood damage restoration services from 212 Degrees Restoration






Mold Damage Cleanup and Remediation 

Though we live in a climate, mold spores will propagate whenever moisture remains on an organic food source for over 72 hours. Our team works alongside environmental hygienists and laboratories to protect you and your family from dangerous mold situations. To prevent further spreading, do not disturb if detected, rather call the mold removal professionals at 212° Restoration.

Water Damage Cleanup and flood damage restoration services from 212 Degrees Restoration













Satisfaction Guaranteed

Disasters can be both untimely and unpredictable. Therefore, our team is trained to be just as flexible, putting your life back together at a moment’s notices. Employing the latest techniques, we provide unparalleled service and response. Regardless of the disaster’s cause, our mission is to ensure that your sense of security, as well as property, are restored to their original state.  

William Kubie: Demo, Dry-out & Full Rebuild

December 6, 2017, Fort Collins, CO

“When our kitchen flooded, we were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. 212 came in an not only did a great job cleaning up the damage but provided expertise and helpful recommendations for the rebuild. I really appreciate the help in getting our insurance moving. It really made dealing with insurance adjusters much better.”

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